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Greetings from the ******* Riviera!

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Greetings all from the glorious Florida panhandle!

Have been carrying concealed since the end of November. I own a Springfield XD40-SC and a Bersa Thunder .380. Trying to get used to carrying. The most difficult task for me so far is trying to find something comfortable while I'm on my Harley. This much I know: IWB ain't cutting it on the comfort level. Looking into a shoulder rig to wear under the vest.

Anyway, enough about me. I've been scanning the sight and it looks great. A bunch of useful information!

I look forward to talking with you all.

Stay safe!
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Mr Clean, welcome to CC :smilez:

We have had a thread running on bike carry - lot of useful info there.

I never got on with IWB and am strictly OWB but - may try my sho rig a bit this summer when riding.
Welcome to the forum!
craig45 said:
welcome from crestview.
Just down Hwy 90 from you in Pace.
Tampa here....welcome.
Mr. Clean. you'll like it here. lot's of good info/people here.
Mr. Clean said:
Greetings all from the glorious Florida panhandle!
Welcome aboard. If you haven't yet, you should come shoot our monthly IDPA or USPSA matches at the Escambia River Muzzle Loaders range.
We shoot the 3rd Sunday (IDPA) and 4th Saturday (USPSA) of the month.
Good luck. :smile:
Welcome Mr. Clean
Welcome to the forum! :smile:
Welcome to the forum!
Sarasota waving hi.
Hey it's only 100 days to the beginning of hurricane season.

Welcome from a USN Retired, 7 years in Jax, vet! I have a Bersa .380, great gun!:wave:
Welcome from Arizona - :smilez:
Welcome Mr. Clean. Look around and you'll find some great info and even better people.
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