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Greetings from Va

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Ive been hanging out on the GLock Talk site for some time, this site looks to have some great info also. Im a new CCW license holder. In Va we have a mandatory 45 day law, which requireds the ccw to be issued or refused in in 45 days. After 58 days and a call to my representative in the General Assembley I have my license. The Circut Court Clerk was really mad gee I wonder why!:smile:
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Scott - welcome here :smilez:

Good to see you are posting already. Enjoy some good company. Congrats on the CCW too.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome Scott.
Welcome to the forum, its good to have more glock fans around here, we are not very high in the pecking order.
Welcome, Scott from NC. Just bought my 10th handgun last week, a Glock 23. It's my first Glock and I am impressed. Glad you are here!
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome aboard, Scott! :wave:

You'll like it here, not as many Glock fans as the other forum, but we are here. I've got a G23, my wife has a G26. :biggrin2:

Welcome Scott from Scott formerly a resident of VA, but visiting here quite often.

Your permit application receipt is your permit after 45 days automatically, but it is the principle of them not issuing it. Fortunately my jurisdiction did not play games. In fact they laminated my card for me, something most jurisdictions don't do.

Enjoy the forum.
Welcome to the forum! :smile:
Greetings Scott,

I am over in Augusta County and also do the Glock Talk scene, but not as often as this place. If you make it over to my area and want to bust some caps give me a shout.
Welcome to the forum - :smilez:
Hi there scottVA...welcome to the forum.
Welcome from TN!
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