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Grip opinions

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Sorry to start off on this board with so many questions, but so far it's been a great place to learn, so thanks in advance. I was wondering if any of you had had experience with Badger grips? I'm looking for some new grips for my Ruger Sp101, prefer wood with finger grooves. The Hogues look nice but I came across these Badger grips, besides standard length they make a "boot" model which is a little shorter, looks appealing as far as printing less but also looks as though it really reduces grip area which may be a problem with full
.357 loads. Any opinions good or bad?
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I don't know anything about the Badgers but Spegel makes some great wooden grips for the SP101 IIRC.

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rycher. No probs re questions - that is what this place is all about!

I cannot comment on the grips specifically but will say - and only my own impressions - I do not favor boot grips even if they do aid printing reduction.

That said - much can depend on your hand size and strength etc. I can cope better with small grips on semi's but with revo's where often the bore axis tends a shade higher, I do want max grip control - and that means ideally that I have somewhere for the pinkie to engage.

Ultimately it is you who has to decide what works - and if at all possible, try out other folk's grips for comparison - which may better help you decide and avoid buying what turns out to be less than favorable.

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P95, I'd say you're right considering I had a glock 27 one time and never could get comfortable shooting it until I added the grip extensions. Finally sold it because the gun just felt too small for my long fingers to shoot comfortably.Ex, I'll check out the Spiegel's, I'm not in a great hurry to swap the grips, would rather take my time and get something I'm comfortable with instead of wasting cash. Thanks for the input guys.:smile:
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