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Group Buy for 200 grain SWC .358 Mold

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If anyone is interested, I'm trying to get a group buy going for a 200 grain SWC mold sized .359-.360 for .38 Special/.357 Magnum/.357 Maximum. I really like the 200 grain bullet weight in both Special and Magnum, but I like the SWC profile better than the RN profile for magnum loads.

If anyone is interested, please respond at the below link:

Any interest in a .359-.360 200 grain PB SWC? - Cast Boolits
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I've already signed up on Cast Boolits.

Anybody interested in this outstanding bullet for .38SPL or .357 Magnum ought to sign up. . . .

At just under 720fps from my .38SPL snubby--a standard pressure load, by the way--this bullet plows straight thru 6 gallon jugs of water at 10 feet. If you worry about expansion from HPs in a snubby, like I do, then you can shoot this bullet and plan on it penetrating to the vitals from any angle.

I also shoot a mild .357 load at 800fps from a snubbie SP-101, and it shoots to the sights. (And this load is well below the starting load listed in Lee, 2nd Ed.) Want more power. . . ? Easy.

I also intend to experiment with soft-cast to maximize terminal performance in some respects. If it's available in a gas-checked version, I'll soften the alloy, jack up the velocity, and create a 200g equivalent of Buffalo Bore's 158g softcast .38.
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