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Gun Store Story

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After work yesterday I decided to go to a local gun shop to see if they had the XD .45 in stock. Well they did not and the guy began to show me other pistols. Well, as I getting ready to leave he showed me a Springfield Champion. He proceeded to explain the history of the 1911 and the benefits of the short model. Well, I listened and pretended to be dumb because I knew a laugh was coming. Drum roll please......the guy removed the mag...racked the slide reinserted the mag and cursed when he could not get the hammer to fall.

I watched him struggle and curse a while :yup: Then casually educated him on the 1911. Well friends it did not stop there. He then began to show me some SW 9mm pistols of which he grabbed them both and pointed them horizontally out to his sides and said man they have good triggers snap, snap. while customers are coming into the store in his line of sight. At this point I got out of dodge having enjoyed my laugh and scare for the day.
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how much more was the Champion ?
Sometimes you have to wonder where they get some of the people they hire!:rolleyes:
Tell me this guy was some new flunky and not the owner. That stuff's scary.
First, don't know how much more the GI was but it was for sale for 449.00. Secondly, although I rarely go to this shop the guy was not new. I don't know these guys never cease to amaze me.
Unfortunately, not all gun shops hire their staff based on their experience or common sense....
He proceeded to explain the history of the 1911
I would've loved to hear that. :tongue:
srfl said:
Unfortunately, not all gun shops hire their staff based on their experience or common sense....
Responsibility, experience, and common sense are in extremely short supply nowadays. I'm glad Blue had the chance to "educate" someone. It's ALWAYS fun doing that! :hand10:
BlueLion said:
it was for sale for 449.00.
Well there ya' go ! thats the reason no workee.... :duh:
When I bought that Romarms PPK clone in .380 a couple of weeks ago the guy decided to educate me about ammo.

Luckily they had a Blazer loaded with Gold Dot ammo ("Now this stuff's HOT, shoot someone with this they won't get back up, yadda yadda yadda," pretty entertaining). I bought the pistol for about $5 over what they likely paid for it, bought the ammo, and boogied.

Now I need grips and an extra mag and I'm good.

Back to topic, yeah, I can relate. It seems that, around here, any and all hollowpoints will spin the target around if hit in the pinky finger, they all fall to hardball, etc etc. I've met one guy who knows what he's doing. He dropped the slide on a 1911 with an internal extractor, his eyes widened with realization of what he did, and opened 'er back up to inspect 'er. It was fine that time.

One can get all sorts of kicks just waiting and watching.

Josh <><
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Sorry to kind of go off on a tangent, I know you're not supposed to drop the slide on a 1911, but is that only on models with an internal extractor?

It's more to do with hammer bounce and sear engagement. The 1911s extractor (internal) does not contact anything when empty and just the brass casing when loading. If it does, your extractor is improperly fitted.
Never drop the slide on a 1911 if you are not chambering a round, because this is bad mojo. :nono:
one guy told me how he wouldn't use a 9mm to save his life..I told him I couldn't agree with that..he said it had no stopping power..he was pretty insistant like this :rant: if it wasn't a 1911A1 .45 it wasn't worth whizzing on..I told him there's an easy way to double your stopping power

squeeze the trigger again
Not gonna jump in on this 'cept to say that Snowshoes hit the nail on the head by "there's an easy way to double your stopping power....squeeze the trigger again." To me,this is reality. ------
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