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Glock M29 or 1911—both in 10mm
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I, too, looked into this holster but for many years I have sworn off the idea of the yaqui style holster especially if I remember the horror story I had several years ago, having to go to some society dinner with the mayor and chief of police (fund raiser for the charity group where my wife was a member) and it was full tux and all. I was wearing a yaqui slide and carrying a Colt Officer's Model 45. We all sat down for this huge dinner. My seat had arms and when I sat, the barrel pressed into the arm of the chair and it smoothly pushed it up and out of the holster and it hit the HARDWOOD floors with a deafening CLUNK!!! Everybody turned to stare and watched as I calmly retrieved the weapon and reholstered. Nobody said a word, but when we got tired and went to leave THIRTY other couples left too! My wife stayed in the security office while I "escorted" folks to their cars in the dark parking garage. I got a lot of referrals for my CCW class (I'm a certified instructor) and some really sore feet. Anyway, I got rid of that holster. I would prefer the clipit attachment to the gun itself for impromptu wear or possibly the undershirt holster made by Kramer. Otherwise I'm preferring my Blade-Tech IWB for my Sig P245. It's extremely comfortable. I have been known to fall asleep in my lazyboy wearing it after coming home from dinner with my wife. In fact when we go out for a nice romantic Valentine's dinner tomorrow night, I'll probably be wearing just that combo.
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