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Like everyone else, Im always looking for a better way to tote a gun concealed. Ive tried various holsters and even made a few little gadgets that work OK but I always considered it a hassle to have to thread a holster on or off of a belt when needed. I usually carry in the small of my back and I can hide a full sized Government model with no problems.

I think I've found a solution. I ordered a gunbelt from Bandera Leather in Texas, that has a gunbelt with a slot sewn into the belt. Its a great idea, when you need to go somewhere you just stick the gun in the belt and be done with it.

It works great for those that get off from work and my not be going straight home. Rather than go though the trouble of taking off a belt and threading it in or trying to position an IWD holster just right, its a lot quicker and more inconspicuos to just stick the gun in the belt.

It holds the gun close, and its comfortable. I've been wearing mine to work and not one person has even noticed the gun slot due to the way its made.
Its not cheap at 65 bucks, but its an exellent product and one worth looking into. Check it out here...
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Having worked with leather for a number of years, I have a habit of seeing something like this I like and then making one for myself. Is the extra piece sewn to the front of the belt, or to the back?
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