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Guns and Boats II

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Ok, (Re: Guns and Boats (or just salt air)) so a Glock is Tenifer coated, and a Mossberg Mariner Shotgun won't corrode. Now lets say for a moment that you, your family, and another family are on a 100' (+-$3,000,000) sailing yacht, sailing around the world, visiting the South Pacific, Island hopping, generally enjoying yourselves for...say a year. (not purely hypothetical)

There are 4 or 5 hotspots out there for modern pirates, (Suez to Horn of Africa, Java Straight and South China Sea, South Pacific islands and atolls, etc...). There are also drug runners, gangs, corrupt govts etc... You need to be able to dock in atleast some planned places (perhaps you plan them to be gun friendly) but no port in the world is going to let you in with a 50 cal machine gun mounted on your deck. (Some places, if you project a presence will not bother you, others you want a low profile).

I know you are probably thinking that if it is a $3,000,000 sailboat what the H&*# am I doing, and why can't I afford a $50,000 weapon system - but lets say we are stuck with a realistic budget. (plus pirates aren't guaranteed)

(I also wonder how MR. ANTIGUNGLOBALBANONALLFIREARMSGEORGESOROS protects his huge yachts)
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If I won the powerball on Saturday and was planning on taking my 100' yacht "Wet Dream" on a world cruise, there are a couple of possible courses of action I might take.

1. Outfit the boat with a well-hidden arms locker stocked with quality, marinized small arms and ammo. Nothing too sexy, mostly along the lines that others have mentioned here or on other threads. Glocks, marine shotties, FALs, etc. An M79 40mm grenade launcher would be nice, but probably not feasible. Certainly not legally feasible.

2. A boat that big is going to have a full-time crew, probably 3-5+ personnel. I would pick them carefully, hopefully finding some ex-Coast Guard types. Then I would invest in quality training for them, both boat handling and shooting schools. Before we left port, we would have a set of battle drills down cold for possible situations. One of them would be EMT qualified, with an assistant recruited from some "Baywatch" type outfit (blonde and smoking hot). Also a good chef.

3. Before entering really high-risk waters, I would consider hiring a small detachment of trigger pullers (4-5 guys) from a "consulting firm" that could be flown out on a helicopter from a convenient port. They would be extra insurance, and integrated into the boat battle drills.

4. Whenever possible, I would file a float plan with the nearest Navy base or at-sea task force, giving the standard info on route, timeline, etc. Not sure how to go about this, but with the kind of money I am planning on winning, I would figure it out.

Anyway, that's my plan and I'm sticking to it... The wife and I are heading to the Bahamas this summer, taking my buddy's 35' center console from West Palm to Port Lucaya. We're just taking an 870 Marine and a .357 Smith, both of which will get registered when we hit port. While there are incidents in that part of the Bahamas, the bigger concern is probably running out of Corona.:image035:
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