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H&k P2000

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I have an H&K P2000 9MM LEM with night sights on order. I intend to use it as my CCW. I also own the USP 40 Compact. I did a lot of research on the P2000 and handled one in DA/SA at the gun store. Does anyone own one and what is your opinion of it? Thanx
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kelsey - I think we have one member with one that I recall so hopefully you'll get some feedback.
I'm not a big fan of the LEM's nice and light, but (to me) feels "mushy". I like a trigger with definite reset and the LEM doesn't have that. The SIG DAK trigger by comparison is very NICE! Light DAO with a reset...I'm all over that!

The P2000 is a nice gun though....I like the ambi levers about it too.
I have the P2000sk with the LEM trigger. I'm a big glock fan but after getting the Sig P239 with DAK trigger and the P2000sk with the LEM - both pushed the Glock to 3rd place and the other two are still fighting for my top spot!!
I like the Sigs, but the grip is uncomfortable. The H&K's feel like they are part of my hand. I had a serious hand injury 10 years ago, so only certain handguns will fit me. Thanx for the feedback.
I had a 9mm P2000 with the LEM trigger system for a year or so. I finally sold it off. I could never get used to that trigger.
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