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Glock M29 or 1911—both in 10mm
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H&k Usp 45

rocky said:
Glad ya like yer HK. Have owned my USP full size .40 since '93. I have never had a problem with it , and the HE finish is really tough. I would rate it as good or better than the Glock Tennifer process, and Glocks have a good tough coat on them too. Some folks don't like the sharp checkering on the HK's ,but I found once I got used to it, no problem .
My full size USP 45 (LEM trigger module & Night Sights) is only a few days from being delivered to me. I shall post pics and a review. I can't carry it until the Blade Tech holster I ordered is delivered in LATE January! I'm considering a Galco "Concealable" model before that.

I think that IWB is going to be a problem due to the guns size. But I really wanted a RELIABLE hi-cap 45! Anybody care to weigh in on this one (Full Size USP 45 carried IWB)? I'm a pretty big guy, but I dunno.

As far as the sharp checkering, count me as one who doesn't like it! Why buy one then? I figured out how to get around this: HOGUE HAND-ALL for $10. I have three 12rd mags coming with the gun. I plan on picking up two more of these mags which I'll get for $35 each. Anybody know if this is a good deal on those mags?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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