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had a good ebay day today

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I've been watching ebay for holster deals, and I had a good day today.

I won a Don Hume 715 IWB holster:

for my 4006. I had contacted them about getting one with loops instead of the metal clip, but that was a no go. I didn't want to spend the $28 for it as I wasn't sure how I would like the clip. I got it for $6 on ebay.

The better deal was this Blackhawk CQC that will work for the 4006 and the 4013:

It sells new for $53. I got it for $6.

Total including shipping is $16.03.
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Congrats! Combat! Nice Holster.
That cow died for a worthy cause! :biggrin:
I think there was a slightly used Alessi IWB that sold for about $15.00 last week. Too bad the very last thing I need these days is yet another holster. :biggrin:

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I'm excited about the Blackhawk holster, especially since it will work for the 4006 and the 4013. I don't know how well the Don Hume holster will be only having the one attachment point, but for the price I'm willing to give it a try. If nothing else, I can keep it in my desk for other officers to borrow.
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