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IMO part of the firearms community is helping others get to know firearms and enjoy them. Today I got to do that!

I have a friend who just got his CCW a couple of months ago. All he had to carry was a K-frame revolver, so he went out and bought himself a S&W Sigma .40. (he didn't ask for my input, so it's his choice and no harm done) The owner's manual suggested he clean it before shooting it, so he called and asked if I would show him how. Especially considering that I needed to clean a gun I just bought and my EDC, we set up this morning as a time to do that.

I set up my cleaning bench, put everything out, and got ahead by disassembling the 4 handguns that I was going to clean today. I was cleaning the first one when he made it over. He had a small kit for cleaning, but I introduced him to CLP, a bore brush, a toothbrush, and a rag. We had a good time and I showed him how to field strip his piece, how to clean it well and thoroughly, and how to reassemble. He had a good time and it got a thorough cleaning. I also showed him what it will look like when it gets dirty from shooting and to be careful to get in the nooks and crannies. I also gave him a box of .40 defense rounds that I had extra (hey, it's Christmas and he is a friend) and talked training.

All in all it was a great morning. I got 4 clean guns, my friend got to know his weapon and it's in carry condition after he makes sure it fires reliably, and we got to enjoy some guy time. I love the smell of a clean firearm, and the security of knowing that it won't jam because it is fouled.

Merry Christmas!:santaclaus:
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