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Haganah update.

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Well gang, I have my first week of Haganah training under my belt. This one goes out primarily to KenpoTex,mainly 'cause he asked for it. This martial system is an eclectic one , being a mesh of other styles. Boxing handwork, Straight Blast from JKD, Thai boxing elbows, Philipine foot traps,etc you get the idea. The system does'nt use a belt testing type of gradeing , but instead is broken down to 17 wk cycles. after a series of 4 cycles your are getting into the expert range. The first night we studied over ways to defend against suprise grab/assaults, The next night was knife and knife defense. the third night is a review of material gone over the previous lesons.As far as conditioning goes , you will definetly work up a sweat. The lessons for the class tomorrow night will be hand gun defense.
The reason I chose this type of training was to find something to find a system to compliment my handgun training.In other words a combstive system that already has a contingent for someone who carries concealed. The bottom line is that I am having a blast with this stuff.
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I have never even heard of Haganah but it sounds like you are taking it for all the right reasons. And, best of all, having a blast! Good on ya!:banana:
Sounds like a young guy's course!!!

Mention of working up a sweat makes me feel tired :wink:
95 it's not that bad , Im pushing 40 and the second oldest in the class. the oldest student is mid-50's and also teaches this stuff to Airline Pilots
pakn - I hear ya but - 61 is stretching the envelope (well - stretching something anyways) LOL!
Paknheat, where are you taking the class? There's a school in either Allen or McKinney that teaches Haganah.
I am taking the class in Palestine,Tx . I understand there is a place in Longview, Tx that teaches it also.
Hey Jaltered, Sorry i am getting back to you late. Yes there is a place in McKinney that is supposed to teach Haganah. I found their add in Black Belt Mag. It is Broadway's Martial Arts and their phone number is:210-529-9000. Give them a call and check it out.Hope this helps.
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