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Of Course by Ken Hallock


This book is another for 1911 lovers but new shooters also in the first couple sections.

Deals with sight pic and dealing with flinch etc etc

After That he digs right into the 1911 by page 10 ya got a fold out pic of the 1911 Exploded View of all the parts.

Gives some side by side comparison pics of good parts bad parts and also how to change some parts with just hand tools & plain hand tools..

The how it functions diagram's are excellent and clean. Also they take up a full page.

Then further in ya get into where they start talking about the guns welded back together after they had been demilled.

I didn't know this had been done would really make ya look at the old 1911 since if they were welded back together would be worth much.

Then the book goes though cracks and where to look for them Slide, Frame, Mag Etc., etc.

Also goes into the build history of the colt autos and into the requirements of the Army test that the 1911 won and covers all the pistols entered.

Then ya get into a handy part of the book the Serial # ranges and what to look for with inspectors marks etc to help you buy a real deal and not a forged one.

Tail end of the book you get into mods and trigger jobs - about the same stuff you usually see in other gun books.

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Almost impossible to have too many books on guns and specifics - if only because what one guy leaves out, another deals with.

This one does sound well useful as an addition to the ''library''.
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