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finished this book awhile ago and forgot to do a review so ill tack mine on here

All and All get gets a 3 :toilet: Rating becuse it has some good info

My main problem with it is it doesnt flow some of the chapters were so slow it was painful way painful..

Took me almsot 6-8 months to read it becuse of the way it didnt gel ive read 10 other books while reading this one

The parts the Author really got into and Felt passionate about flowed excellently and fast to bad there wasnt enough in there like those few chapters..

i can tell ya one thing he loves His HK And at least he Says for Him it is his prefered Gun doesnt say it should be for you too..

So take it for what it is worth try and ebay it for a discount Its good Info but so dry its hard to read
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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