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Handgun gallery - video

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I decided to play with some stills to make a vid' - so here we have 39 handguns - only two have left the stable and a newcomer will soon be added - the SIG 220.

Many pics will be familiar but seemed like an interesting challenge to ''walk thru'' the guns step by step. So - presenting it as just an item of interest :smile:

Have to do long arms sometime tho most of those pics are very wide and not very high!

Handgun Gallery - lower res, 1.8Mb)

Handgun Gallery, higher res, 2.5 Mb)
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Neat P95

Much better on High Resolution!
Nice presentation of a good collection of arms.
Much appreciated.
Thanks. That was enjoyable. You have an awsome collection.
BTW - forgot to say - my son commented on ''pity the pics are too small to read the text''.

In fact if you stretch media player to about 640x480 then the text on each pic can be read reasonable well.
That was pretty cool. I like the sound track that you picked also.

Good presentation, Chris. There were a couple in there I had never seen...
You have way too many Pinned and Recessed Smiths and I can't find even one... I hate you now... :tongue:
Euc, young Sir - be heartened - you have youth on your side.

All good things come to those who wait :smile:
I think it's such a cruel mockery of fate I'm a S&W revolver afficionado and I live in this age of service pistols while the craftsmanship of the revolver platform seems to be on the decline. :tongue:
Randy - I have (as is ever the case) thought of a way to make it better - using transitions between each pic - I am right now uploading the files and once done - suggest folks grab the new version - large or small - and again, stretch media player to 640x480.

Interested to know then - for those who saw version #1 - if you think this new one is better - I think it runs more smoothly to the eye... bigger files tho unfortunately.

Handgun Gallery V2 - lower res, 3.8 Mb)

Handgun Gallery V2, higher res, 5.8 Mb)
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