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Handgun MisFire 500 Smith

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Well not a defensive use but still if it would have been uhh oo

So deer hunting Sunday i shot a large doe with my 300 Win mag hand load dropped over ..

So out of the Blind i fly over to the deer (didnt know i had totally blown the heart out at this time and it was dying twitchs) So deer looked like it was trying to get up ..

So cock the hammer and take a nice two handed stance Pull trigger and Pop then FIZZZZZ which surprising dad heard a ways aways also heard the ...WHAT THE :censored:!!!

By this time Deer had passed on total of maybe 10-15 seconds... Open cylinder and look in barrel packed powder turn round and bullet at 1 1/2 inchs in barrel not sure what happened

Bum reload maybe i loaded 100 of these and shot 50 before season for sight in after i fixed the intial problem i then loaded this 100..

Im wondering if the moisture did them in ive carried the gun in the rain 4 times 3times with same rounds but it was under coat

Could it have happened with Factory loads sure had it happen with 44 once same time of year

Ok now the powder was yellowish at the part didnt burn but when removing it and throwing it in the fire it went right up so im at a loss and got 49 more i dont know what to do with..

So now this is first misfire i ever had with Relaods. Not sure if i would have pulled that trigger again if it was a bear as powerful as the 500 is

As said before Crap happens and ya never lknow what can happen i got 250 though my 500 and no problems other than first 35 loads that i did have them totally worked out yet ...

How exciting can it get
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bad primer? or bad powder?
ya got me couting the primer poped its got to be bad powder in that round im guessing
I'd guess you're probably right on the moisture - remember it gets humid under your coat and moisture does exist there.

I'd lacquer the primers myself for a SD reload or for hunting stuff.
Thats what im thinking ive loaded since 93-94 and first time any hunt ammo malfuction but it did seam wetter this year instead of just brass monkey freezeing cold..

Fongernail polish it is :)
Almost has to be powder degredation Bud - hard to explain any other way.

I forget now - what do you use? H-110 was it? I'd reckon somehow - tho still hard to believe bad enough - moisture effect seems only explanation. The pop was obviously primer - and then a near zero burn.

True tho - hunting rounds in particular, probably best sealed with nail varnish or something - around primer and case mouth.

Do your loads have a taper or roll crimp - and if so how firm with a roll? Sure would seem tho you'd need a whole lotta moisture to cause a prob. Glad not needed in a hurry!!
I was thinking I should seal the primers on my '06 reloads. Of course I thought of this while sitting out in the rain with my '06. Hope ya figure it out. So far all my ammo has worked. Even the ammo that day.
The pop was obviously primer - and then a near zero burn.
Im thinking the same.

Did the bullet get stuck in the barrel, like a sqib?
gregarat said:
Im thinking the same.

Did the bullet get stuck in the barrel, like a sqib?
yeah its in the barrel and a super heavy crimp 500 demands it
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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