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Happy Holidays from central Ohio

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I stumbled across this site and it looks very interesting. I've been a handgun shooter since the early 70's. My CC is a S&W 3913. Looking forward to many informative gun discussions. Have a safe and Merry Christmas. :santaclaus:
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Welcome from Victoria, B.C. :wave:

My EDC is a 3913 too! :hand5:
Welcome aboard from Virginia.

Merry Christmas!

Welcome from Tallassee, AL.

from Central Florida!

ret :31:
Welcome from Central Texas!!!!!
:022: from Ga. Welcome to DC.

Same to you and yours. Stay safe. :smile:
Welcome from South Carolina...
Welcome to D.C.

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Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
Welcome from Texas! :wave:
Welcome from Middle Tennessee, and Merry Christmas to you as well!
Welcome from Las Vegas, Nevada!
Hi from Southern Illinois!
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Welcome from Virginia.
Welcome from Alabama.
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