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Happy Thanksgiving from Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy

Traditionally, Americans give thanks for the blessings our families, our people and our country have continued to enjoy during the past year, and years past—and so we should.

However, this Thanksgiving, as our nation faces many problems and we are on the verge of making pivotal decisions on, among others, war and peace, the economy and our common health care, I believe that is also appropriate and important that we give thanks—ahead of time, and each to our own God—for what we hope will be the wisdom and guidance our leaders will need to make the right decisions in matters that will so fundamentally affect present Americans and generations to come.

As always, our thanks to all those magnificent men and women in our military, as well as our security contractors especially to those who today find themselves in harm’s way. “Jeff” ‘Skinner” ‘Yoda” Russ, “Doc L” May God bless you and keep you safe.

Finally, I wish all the CCJA staff, CCJA students/alumni and readers of the many forums and articles I contribute to and their loved ones, a blessed Thanksgiving.

CCJA Management:
Tom & Nancy Perroni
Mark & Robin McNabb

CCJA Instructor Cadre:
Chris, Jade, Pete, Dagan, Lee, Zach, Steve M, Mark Q, Russ, Joe T, Angela, Doc, Mark M, Bob T.

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The same Thanksgiving Day wishes back to you, also...:hand10:

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Happy Thanksgiving to your family as well as your associates Tom.

Thanks for reminding us about those that are on watch today allowing us to celebrate this important day as members of a free nation.

God Bless them and God Bless America.


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Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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