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Have gun prices and availability turned the corner

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Just got the attached flyer from CDDN. Rock River AR's for $1399, LWRC lowers for $299, M&P's for $549. The prices, while not great seem to have come down from their peak and just having enough of these items in stock to put out a flyer is a good sign. Now if we can see some of the same progress on ammo, I will feel a bit better

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I'm not in the market for a new gun, but I agree, and available ammo would be nice.
I haven't had much of an issue you finding any particular ammo if I'm willing to drive within a 45 minute radius of my home. The only round I can't find is .357. Which is most inconvenient as I intend to test out my gp100 3" when this snow is all gone (in a week or two) and may have difficulty restocking ammo for it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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