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I know AR acknowledges MO CHP and I've checked out but it never hurts to ask from those that know more than I do.

I know I've got to notify LEO if I'm in that situation.
I got to tell private landowner I'm carrying. This won't happen.

I suppose I get a little lost with signage. In MO it has to be 11x14 with minimum 1" letters "No Firearms Allowed, Includes CHP" or something of the like. The Little sillioute of a firearm with the cross over it won't cut it. But what about in AR?

I'm going hunting, is it OK to be concealed then too?

Thanks for all your helps!

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Where will you be generally in Arkansas? Signage is signage no matter what as been discussed here many's the business or property owner's intent. Actual Arkansas state legal signage that's required for you to heed may be found here, and specifically item #19: Arkansas State Police | Regulatory Services

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Cant hunt with the CHL but you can have it on you. Must inform the Game Warden if he approaches you.

The only legal criteria for signs is that it must be readable from a distance of 10 feet. There arent really many places that post them though.

Technically, if you can see the pistol with the slash through it,from 10 feet away, the intent has been met.
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