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I'm not selling this item, but MIKE at DOUBLE Tap ammo is:

It has been a crazy time here at Doubletap with the current climate that we are experiencing in the gun and ammo industry! We are right now running about 3-4 weeks behind just on shipping the orders out to customers. We still have most items in stock including all pistol calibers and most rifle except 300 Blackout.
One item that we are happy to have back is Glock 20 full capacity (15rd) new magazines!

DoubleTap Ammunition

We only received 200 of them and it is first come first served.

I really appreciate your business and most certainly your patience through this crazy time! I will make sure to keep you all up to date with weekly updates on our blog. You can find that here:

McNett's Doubletap Blog | Your Weekly Doubletap!

Thanks again and have a great weekend!
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