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Held a Taurus 709 "slim" today.....Meh.

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I held one. Fondled it and, long story short, I don't like it.

1. The grip is almost too slim. Hard to hold it securely.

2. The trigger guard dug into the middle finger on my storn hand where it meets the grip front strap. It just seems badly designed there ergonomically.

3. I would say forget about doing any kind of speed reload. No beveled mag well and when I inserted the magazine, I pinched the palm of my left hand between the mag and the rear or the grip. It hurt.

4. Honestly, the grip is the only part of the gun that really seems "slim". The slide and upper frame seems to be pretty much normal to me.

In the case right next to the Tauri offerings were all the Kahr Arms guns and they were MUCH better feeling in my hand and had a much lower bore axis.

All in all, now that I have held one, I am completely un-impressed. I'll pass.
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Things I love about the 709.

It is thinner and lighter then a Glock 26
It has a external saftey
It has a trigger satey
It has less recoil then then the Kahr and the Kel-tec (Havent shot a 26)
I can carry it OWB with just a t-shirt covering it.
It has a adjustable rear sight
It is incredibly light
The trigger is great

I can understand why people with large hands would find this gun uncomfortable. However I am 5'9 170 and it fits my hands perfectly. I can get a full three fingers on the grip and my fingers don't touch my palm when I grip it. I can reach the mag release and the slide lock without having to tilt the gun or adjust my grip at all.

All in all a fine weapon.
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