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Hello everyone !

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Just got the site from the XD forum I frequent. It's great to see a forum for cocealment issues as well as tactical ones. And as my username states- I am doing one of my favorite things- Reading forums and smoking a good cuban cigar while in the garage- I'm married so the cigar smoking has to be done outside or in the only area of the house that is slated as mine- the garage. With all that said-

Hello All !!!!!!!!
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Welcome! :beerchug:
Hi and welcome :smilez:
Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the forum.
welcome from Texas :tumbleweed:
CG I fully understand about the garage thing
Welcome CL, I smoke mine out on the balcony. No Cubans but I do enjoy a good CAO at times.
Hello! and welcome to the forum!
Welcome from another stoggie lover. I understand to about the garage its there or in my truck I enjoy a good cigar. Macanudos are a fave of mine. Enjoy the site

Welcome - :smile:
Hello from North Texas. Welcome to the forum.
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