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hello everyone

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My name is Greg.
I grew up in the Adirondacks, wich is a rual part of upstate N.Y. I have been an avid sportsmen since I can remember. And a former NRA three position smallbore state champ, in 94.
I just recently moved to Gainesville F.L. Im now working as a armed (and unarmed) security guard untill I finish School. When I do finish I want to keep working as a private detective, or something of the like. Im not exactly agenst working as a LEO, but I would prefer to work in the private side of the fence.
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welcome to the forum Greg..........hope you enjoy...........
Welcome to the forum, Greg. Glad to have you! :smile:
Welcome Greg - see you are busy posting already :smile:

Welcome to the Forum! :unitedsta
I see that you already know that you can feel right at home here.
Sounds like you have an interesting & exciting life planned out for yourself.
Hope that we'll all still be with you as you get closer to your goals.
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