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Hello from Eastern Panhandle of WV

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Hello everyone. I am new to your forum. I have been watching this site now for about 3 weeks. Decided it was a nice place to get information and do research on, not to mention share ideas or thoughts. So I decided to register with you. I have carried openly for many years up until about 3 years ago decided to go CCW. Currently using a Glock 23, or Bersa Thunder 380.W/ Horandy 90gr JHP. Just this past Saturday I was looking at an XD40 SC. There seems to be a lot of knowlege on here and most seem willing to share. This is the type of site I was looking.

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Welcome to the forum!! Good choice with the Bersa and Glock, I own both.
Welcome. Alot of great info here and some nice folks to. How do you like the hornadys out of your bersa. Im thinking of trying there TAP-FPD 124 9mm. Just curious anyway welcome sixgun:wave:
Welcome! Glad ya joined us!
Hi there....welcome.
Hi Billie and welcome :smilez:
Welcome to the forum, and thanks for taking the time to register.
Thanks to all for the warm welcome.

To Sixgun: The Bersa seems to handle them well. They feed good. But yet I have not found anything that didn't feed well yet in it. Don't want to carry this too far due to this not being in the correct discussion area.
Welcome from Arizona - :smilez:
welcome from another bersa owner. they're great little guns.
what no 1911? I heard a rumor that you can't get more than 4 stars if you don't own a 1911. just thought I would pass that along.....
Welcome from Idaho
You are "Our Kind Of People"
WELCOME! :usflag:
Join right in! We'll love hearing from you.
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the forum from another eastern panhandler.

Enjoy your time here. I don't post much here but Visit regularly just to enjoy the topics. Good info with great people.
Hi there Billie40 from the Parkersburg area.
Welcome to the Forum.
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