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Hello from good old Cook County Illinois

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Hey all,

I'm turning 21 in a few days and am going to get my CCL pretty soon. I already have a glock 19 and may be getting a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield. I bought a Galco King Tuk IWB holster for the Glock and plan on trying that out when I get my license. Any suggestions for someone new to CC? I live in the suburbs but unfortunately still live in Cook County with terrible gun laws. (as of a few months ago they are taxing 5 cents for every centerfire round you buy in county) Thanks for the help!
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Hello from Chicago. I feel your Crook County pain.
Welcome from Utah.

from Central Florida!

RET :31:

from Central Florida!

RET :31:
Were guns banned in Cook county until recently or was that just in the Chicago city limits? I saw on the news where car jackings are getting to be more common and they are using the cars they jack in other crimes. Even driving them into small rural communities and robbing people on the street. Car stolen from Chicago was used to rob people in Peotone and Manteno. Some guy is using an AR type gun for car jacking up in the city. Welcome form downstate Kankakee county.
Welcome to Defensive Carry :wave: The best forum for sharing ideas and experience.

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I am from Kansas.
Welcome from Wisconsin!
Welcome from the Florida Spacecoast
Hello K9unit ... Welcome from SW Ohio ... Glad to have you aboard!
Welcome from Mississippi!
Hello! Welcome from South East Kansas! :smile:
There was an assault rifle ban in cook county a while back that ended a few years ago tho.
5 cents a round? Can you turn your spent brass in like a coke can and get a refund? That's just ridiculous. Congrats on your CCL and welcome to the forum!
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