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Hello From Michigan

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Hello to everyone.
My name is Jim, I'm using the handle Jimster, cause some people just call me that.
I live in Michigan, I'm 49, hitting 50 this summer.
I love firearms of all kinds, I've been shooting most all my life, or as long as I can remember, handguns and rifles, shot some competition when I was younger (handguns) but now just love to eat up ammo as much as I can, and I love the smell of hoppes #9.
I have been reading lots on this forum, always interested in what other guys and gals have to say, and their experiences, and it makes me wiser and I get more education from reading what you all have to say than I could get anywhere else. I'm not much for talking a lot, but give some comments sometimes if I've had some experience in the subject.
Michigan passed a shall issue carry law around six years back, up till then my CCW permits were limited, but I've had them since I was 21 years of age.
I have been reading a lot of info on this site, always look forward to reading things here when I get the chance, now maybe once in a great while I can make a comment.
Although I love many different kinds of firearms, handguns are my favorite, and the most favorites ones I handle most are 1911 styles and single action army types. My carry guns are mostly 1911's that I know I can trust, but I'm also in tune with Colt style single actions because I cut my teeth on those, I also really enjoy double actions, but it's the 1911's and fine single actions that always catch my eye and feel good in my hands.

Looking forward to talking to some of you once in awhile, but I'll make sure I have something to say before I speak...
This is one of the best places I've found for good info, and real life experiences.
Appreciate a place like this to go, also, thanks to all of you for making it possible for approx 40 states that let us carry our guns.
Without you all, we would not have made it this far.

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Welcome from Washington, Jimster. Glad you signed up. I'm sure you've noticed that you'll find lots of 1911 fans to welcome you aboard.
Welcome from Alabama.
Welcome from North Texas! You'll fit right in, and the 1911's well...THAT too! Jump right in.
Welcome from colorado , i dont think we can "makes me wiser" but we seem to be entertaining anyway , pull up a chair and have a snort of single malt , watch the show , and contribute where you feel comfortable. we are a fair bunch to deal with imho as a newby myself
Welcomr from Arkansas. Always good to hear from a 1911 fan.
Welcome from Arizona - (I have several Colt 1911's myself) :smilez:
Glad To Have Another Member From Michigan. Welcome!!
Jimster glad to have you with us.
Welcome to the best gun forum on the web. You may find this place addicting!
Hi there Jimster....welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum.
welcome Jimster. fellow michigander here....from michigan's great southwest. 1911's are my passion too, but will purchase other .45 acp's if they smile and wink at me.
welcome, where ya from in MI?
Jim - welcome to CC :smilez: and thx for the great intro.

Just feel to post anytime you feel the urge!!
Hello and welcome to the forum!
Welcome, Jimster :danceban:

Jump right in and make yourself at home :king:
Welcome Jimster from California. You said it this place is the best. I have to admit I'm addicted to it.
Welcome from MA.
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