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Hello from Missouri

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Hi, I'm Dick and live in Ashland, MO. Been carrying now for a little over a year. Got started late in life (age 56). Found out about this forum from my son (Woody) who just joined yesterday. He's the real gun runner in the family and I'm always two steps behind his latest purchases. Right now I carry either a Taurus PT911 9mm or a Taurus PT111 9mm Millenium Pro depending on my mood, the weather, etc. Saving up to get a more "acceptable" firearm (maybe a 1911; we'll see). But for now the Taurus' serve me well. Looking forward to learning from you guys/gals.
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Greeting Dick.....I'm not that old on here either but welcome and they folks have been friendly so far. Guess the saying that an armed society is a polite society is true.

See ya around.
Hey Dick (Woody's Dad!) - welcome to CC :smile:

I just 'saw' you on another thread - great - good to see you are well in already. Enjoy.
You guys better watch out. The Show Me State is gaining ground here. Welcome Dick and Woody
I hope for the best in tomorrow's vote - all digits crossed.
Hi there exposurecontrol.
Welcome to the forum! :smile:
exposurecontrol said:
my son (Woody) who just joined yesterday. He's the real gun runner in the family
I'm not sure I'd have phrased it quite that way...... :rofl:

Welcome to the forum!!
Welcome from a fellow show me state shooter :wave:
Welcome to the forum exposurecontrol.


The Show Me State Moderator:wave:
Another Welcome from another Show-Me-Stater. :D

Howdy Woody's Dad. I guess you can blame me for having to buy a shotgun now. I threw some clay birds for him and got him hooked. :)
Welcome to the forums, now go buy that 1911 and never look back:yup:
Welcome, i know you will really like it here.
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