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Hello from Ohio

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I'm from Beavercreek outside of Dayton, about 5 miles from the National Museum of the USAF and Wright Patt AFB.

Looking forward to gaining new info. I'm new to CCW and semi-autos, have had revolvers for several years. Hopefully, you guys won't tempt me to wipe out my bank account!

Hey, I got the Android Tapatalk app for this forum. Is it possible to start a new thread via the app on my tablet?
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Welcome from Houston! A native Cincinnatian myself. YOU have a bank account?????? LOL
IM originally from Fairfield. What part of Vinci are you from?

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Welcome from Ada, Todd. My daughter and SIL live in Beavercreek.
Amberley Village
Welcome to the forum from SW Ohio.:wave:
Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.
Welcome to the forum! :wave:
Welcome from mid-Michigan.
Welcome from a fellow SW Ohioan
Welcome from South Carolina...
Welcome from Virginia.
Welcome from Wisconsin, Todd! It's nice of you to offer to let us wipe out your bank account. I'll send you the routing numbers to my checking account, lol.
Welcome from Southwest Florida.

from Central Florida!

ret :31:
Welcome from Delaware!
Greetings from Northern Kentucky. We have a lot of family in your area.
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