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Hello from West Texas

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Hi all. Just joined the forum. Have been visiting for a couple of weeks and decided there was too much going on not to join in. I have been shooting for several years. Got into IDPA not too long ago and decided to give a SA XD9 service a try. I can already tell most of yall use 1911, but for the $, reliability, and fit for me I chose the XD. been a SA fan forever, so that helps. I shot a ruger P-89 before the XD. Thanks and look forward to visiting with you all.:wave:
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Welcome to the forum tex. Glad to have you with us.

Tho I'm not one of them, there are a lot of SA-XD fans here.
Welcome here Tx :smilez:

Sounds like you are well set up already.
Welcome. I have a XD-9 Bi-tone Service model and it has been 100% reliable for 900 rounds. Great gun!
Welcome to the forum, and thanks for taking the time to register.
Welcome to the forum txdiamond17. It's a great place to spend time with some really good folks. This from a fellow Texan.
Idaho welcomes you

Welcome from another Texan. Your SA XD is a good choice. My son shoots the XD in .40. Dear old Dad is so old that the 1911 is just what we had in the old days. I have shot his & like it, just to old to learn new muscle training. Welcome.
Welcome from a fellow Texan also !!
Welcome from the Gunshine State! :wave:

Hi txdiamond17...welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum - :smilez:
Welcome from another Texan.
Welcome to the forum! :smile:
Welcome from your northern neighbor!
Thanks to all for the welcome!:wave:
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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