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Hello from WV

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Hello all, new here and looking forward to gaining new information and adding any that I can which will be somewhat limited since I am gun novice. I do have a CCW and have had it for almost 10 years. I primarily shoot .22's due to the fact it is affordable and still enjoyable, I just use smaller targets...:biggrin2:

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Welcome from North Texas!
Welcome from Arizona - :smilez:
Hello and Welcome! :wave:
Welcome from Alabama.
Welcome from Central Texas. I love to shoot my Ruger MK II. It's fun to shoot several hundred rounds for less than $10.
Hi there and welcome.
Welcome to the forum. Nothing wrong with 22s they're a fun shoot!
Welcome from Idaho
Hey 22plinker welcome from the Parkersburg area.
Shucks Plinker - missed this having been away.

Welcome to CC :smilez:

Tho I shoot many cals, .22 shooting still provides the most grin for the buck :wink:
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