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Whats going on everone, I'm Jim
I've been reading a lot on here the past few days and it seems like a pretty cool site, so I figured I'd join. Nice to have a place to talk about guns without all of the raised eyebrows/dirty looks.

I've been raised around guns my entire life, my dad owns a few pistols the highlight being his subcompact XD.

I've been trying to decide on what to get for my first handgun for the past few months and still have a few months to make a final decision. I started out liking the Beretta Storm, then started looking at Sigs, but now I'm pretty set on the FNP 40.
I'm not 21 until March 1st, so my minds subject to change another 3 or 4 times by then.

As far as CCW, that a huge responsibility, and I don't think I'll be ready for that right away. I'm a CJ student right now, and in 6 months or so, I'll be going through Police Academy. I'm pretty sure after that I'll trust myself.

Thats it, thanks for having me.
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Welcome aboard from Virginia.
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Welcome Jim!!
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Welcome from Virginia.
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