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Help from the SHOTGUNphiles

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I just ordered a Benelli M3 Super 90 with a pistol grip. I am also looking to get an M4 Super 90 with the collapsible stock.

My wife is looking to get into some tactical shotgun courses, and hereinlies my question. Which of these two shotguns would best suit my wife (5'4 118lbs)???

Both can shoot either 2 3/4 or 3 loads. I know I will load her out with 2 3/4 as they are less recoil producing rounds.

Any other info would be greatly appreciated.

Renee is also looking to get into 3-gun matches and I would like to equip either shotgun to her physique.

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The Benelli's tend to have a long pull. The adjustable stock will do better for her small frame.

The M4 is a great gun. Since you have a Benelli semi-auto, have you considered a Nova Tactical pump? It doesn't care what you hang on it, and it will eat any 2 3/4, 3, or 3 1/2 regular or magnum load. Chromed receiver and barrel. Smooth action (smoother than the M3 in pump-mode). Magazine override so you can eject and manually load with rounds in the tube. Lights and sights. Optional recoil damper for mag loads. Sling-ready. Fully decked out for a good bit less than the M4.
Legnth of pull will be the major problem for her so the one with the the collapsible stock will be better for her
I know that it's not one of the choices that you mentioned BUT------ I have owned a M1 Super 90 for quite a few years now and I absolutely love it (still). I got it when I retired in Maine,to use as a close range coyote and crow gun. I always chose to take the Benelli along when hunting coyotes at night over a fresh deer kill.It will cycle very fast and has minimal recoil due to the inerta operation. I cut the stock down to a 13" LOP. It was very easy to do and you can take it down even further if you so desire. Mine had rifle sights but I took them off and put on(in the rear position) a front pistol sight of the Trijicon type. I would use the 6 o'clock hold and sling #4 Buck. It comes with a 5 shot mag and I have bought a 7 shot also. The weapon weights under 7 lbs. It has a 18.5" bbl. I would highly reccommend this weapon. You can't beat Benelli quality.
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I looked at the M1 Super 90 but I opted for the M3 & M4. I may still get an M1 Super 90 just to complete the collection. They are very nice.

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