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I know that it's not one of the choices that you mentioned BUT------ I have owned a M1 Super 90 for quite a few years now and I absolutely love it (still). I got it when I retired in Maine,to use as a close range coyote and crow gun. I always chose to take the Benelli along when hunting coyotes at night over a fresh deer kill.It will cycle very fast and has minimal recoil due to the inerta operation. I cut the stock down to a 13" LOP. It was very easy to do and you can take it down even further if you so desire. Mine had rifle sights but I took them off and put on(in the rear position) a front pistol sight of the Trijicon type. I would use the 6 o'clock hold and sling #4 Buck. It comes with a 5 shot mag and I have bought a 7 shot also. The weapon weights under 7 lbs. It has a 18.5" bbl. I would highly reccommend this weapon. You can't beat Benelli quality.
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