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Help me decide.....

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Trying to decide between two options...that is the question. I am sure some one has a totally different set of options, but humor me and suppose these are the only two options.

The options are which grip on which gun. #1 is the original grips. On the Colt Defender is black CT grips. And a Dan Wesson ECO with original grips.

Now, #2 is reversed. Colt with the Dan Wesson grips and the Dan Wesson with the black CT grips.

Which of the two would look better to you? Resist the urge to tell me all the reasons you think both suck:) or that you prefer a skull and cross bones on all grips....that does not help nor address the question.
Thanks for your help:)
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Leave them just like they are.
I'm a fan of CT grips. That Dan Wesson with the CT would be my choice. Get another set for the Colt. :wink:
CT grips on your carry piece, which ever it is.

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#2..........Does each gun better justice in my opinion. Remember that's just my opinion :beerchug:
I like how it looks on the first pic. I'm not a fan of the b/w grip, it kind of hurts my eyes, but it looks better on a black pistol, IMHO.
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Option 1
I saw the first pic and liked it.

I saw the second pic and liked it just a tiny bit better.

Both are fine looking pistols. I am a bit jealous...
Option 1 for sure! Nice guns!
Considering aesthetics only, I vote for #1.

Nice handguns.
#2..........Does each gun better justice in my opinion. Remember that's just my opinion :beerchug:
My thoughts also
Actually guys....after looking at those DW grips....I have decided I hate them:frown: So goin to come up with new ones for that gun. Look at the CT Rosewood.
I'm not fan of CT grips and the Dan Wesson grips are too busy for my taste, sorryyyy.
I only became a fan of CT grips when my eyes became 75:smile:
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