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Help me spend more money in a few months

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Okay, first of all, Bud, this is all your fault and you should pay for it.

Second, I don't foresee frost on Satan's beard any time soon, so let's be realistic.

All right I admit it. I want a S&W 625. But since I don't need this gun and am buying it at my leisure, I'm going to be picky, take my time, save my pennies, and get exactly what I want.

I'm most inclined to try at Bud's reccommendation the 625JM, it looks like a really nice package.

However, I have to admit two things:

First, I hate the lock. I hate it. It's awful as far as I'm concerned. I'd really, really rather not have it. I'm sorry it just bothers me. That said, I'm sure I could get over it, but I don't like it!

Second, the best feeling handgun I own is another N frame with a 5" barrel and full length underlug, even feels better than the L frame.

I figure if I'm buying this thing for no good reason, I would ideally like a 625 with the 5" full underlug barrel, no internal lock, forged parts, hammer mounted firing pin, and maybe a couple of other features I can't put my finger on. I realize this puts me into the used market by default but I want what I want.

However I don't know if such an iteration of the 625 was ever made, and if the 625JM isn't just a better way to go. If I can get used to the lock, the 4" barrel on this gun actually makes it more useful to me. Heck if there was a 3" barrel available I'd go crazy!

The 625 in the Mountain Gun configuration is also interesting for some reason. I'm normally a fan of the full underlug but this has caught my eye.

I've also considered as an alternatives the new Model 22.

I won't move on this for some time yet, but I need to know what to look for!
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there is a 625 prelock and i do think its in 5"

Also there is the 325 pd ya can get it in 2 1/2 barrel

you need to try to fondle some 625's i usually like a 5-6 inch gun my self but the 625Jm with the 4' tube feels just right
I'm going to keep my eyes open for a nice one for ya Euc.......
Haha Bob you'll find 7 of them in about 48 hours!

The main thing I see about the 625JM is the target trigger.

I'll pass on the 325, for now anyway. I want steel.
They target trigger is nice and so is the gold bead front sight now sure if a standard 625 use's that Style.

Also the Grips even for me who likes big grips fit well
I'll also confess I thought about getting something in .454 and having the cylinder machined for moonclips... could shoot .45 ACP, .45 LC and .454 Casull that way.
I all but HATE the spider hole guns but did weaken when I got my 625-6. Seeing as it will never be a carry gun that is less of a concern - much as I hate it! I am not a MIM fan either but I think at times we are too damning of MIM.

I have to admit, for a ''std'' 625 this gun was nice from the get go - the trigger could be a shade better, comparing with early stuff like my M27's but that said - still regard it as a fine piece.

Given the option I would tho have gone full underlug pre spider hole - but hey - this fella ''came along'' :wink:

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Honestly I believe MIM is plenty strong, it's the fact that it makes even a very expensive revolver look like crap that chaps my buns about it.
Eucs thinking about getting a 454 and im thinking of selling
Yeah but I probably won't... why get a .454 and have it machined out to shoot .45 ACP when they make a dedicated .45 ACP?
Bud is only trying to lead you into temptation Euc - he is a wicked, wicked man!! :18:
I took a quick pic of a few N frames. The blues ones are 25-2's. The 5" is a PC 625-8, and the short one is a 625-3, factory 3".
I've used the 5" for USPSA, the nice 25-2 will be my USPSA wheelgun this year and the beater 25 is my project gun.
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All nice Dave but Mmmm - that 3".

Let me know if you wanna sell!!
God Dang... that's exactly what I want.

Well at least now I know what to look for... doubt I find that exact configuration!
The towing man hauled my GMC pickup to the shop today. Seems the forward gears have retired.
I may be looking into the safe for what needs a new home!
Heck Dave - that is not good :frown:

Even worse would be having to shift ''inventory'' because of it.
I wish I'd been born 15 years earlier at times so I could have scooped up lawyer free guns at much cheaper prices sometimes!
P95Carry said:
Even worse would be having to shift ''inventory'' because of it.
Hey! Is that a transmission joke?:smile:

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