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Herbert vetoes Utah's Barney Fife Carry Bill

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Governor Herbert vetoed Utah's wannabe Constitutional Carry law today.

I was opposed to this law for different reasons than why he vetoed it, so I didn't participate in the poll

Gov. Herbert vetoes constitutional carry bill |
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I will never understand having to carry an unloaded gun. That is so . . . wrong.
So, if you OC a DA revolver in UT, you can have a round under the hammer, but thenext chamber must be empty? Geez, good luck explaining that to a cop who doesn't shoot revolvers.
"No, officer. My Ruger rotates the other way."
Here's an editorial written a day before the veto:

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I will never understand having to carry an unloaded gun. That is so . . . wrong.
It's like being mandated to drive an engine-less car, to hopefully dissuade a few criminals from driving getaway cars. Pointless in the extreme.

From the article said:
Governor Herbert wrote. "As a State, we must exercise extreme care that we not impose undue burdens on the right to bear arms, but I have yet to receive any credible evidence that Utah's current permit process constitutes a hardship."
May not be a hardship. But it's most definitely an infringement. Which is the whole point, IMO. Given the model plan has worked so well, and the citizens have shown themselves to be extremely upstanding with their arms, and that criminals have continued to violate any and all statutes as well as the CHL requirements, it only makes sense to get rid of the baggage. One would think that as a carrier, the Gov would see that. Somebody got to him. One would think the "we've got to be extremely careful" logic would apply to infringements on civil rights of the people who hired them, first and foremost. Apparently not, with some of them.
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