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Heaven forbid this should ever happen, but what if for some strange reason you had to buy all of your guns from a single manufacturer?

Personally I would not enjoy this as some makers make things I don't like even though they make things I do like, and some makers I can afford their low end but their high end is just beyond me.

I've thought about this actually. First I considered Colt, but then realized the Colts I drool over are hard to get and hard to find and very expensive. It would not be practical, but in theory it sounds good.

I also considered Springfield Armory, but the only rifle they make is super expensive, and they don't make revolvers.

Smith and Wesson at one point in their history might have been all right but handguns only would be too restricting, and I had the same problem trying to reconcile myself to any firm that only makes long guns even if I do like their long guns.

Taurus I considered because if we rope in Rossi with Taurus, we have a small variety of rifles and shotguns, even if they're not ideal combat rifles and shotguns.

Ultimately, I decided I'd have to go with Ruger. I wouldn't be completely happy with this, but they're affordable and I actually like most of their stuff. I admit I really really want to like the Mini 14 but I don't. Then again, people in Kalifornia get by on Mini 14s and they can be fixed if you put enough money into it. They don't make a pump action shotgun either and I'm not happy about that at all, but I could deal. Everything else they make I like enough I could deal with it.

Of course this would be a sub par existence and I much prefer my patchwork collection from several different militaries and commerical manufacturers, but it's a frustrating mental excercise and it really makes you consider your priorities.

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HK. they make long guns, sub guns and pistols. all work very well.

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Needless to say - thank heaven for choice and diversity.

Forced into a corner tho I also would go into the Ruger camp - being able to find pretty much all I'd need for a hearty war!! :wink:

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First One That Crossed My Mind Was HK

But, I could live with a Colt .45 (w/ maybe an "add on" .22 conversion kit) & an AR15. :smile:

Interesting Thread Euc.
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