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Hey Chris

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Whos ya Buddy whos your pal who looks out for ya how about this bad lad

45/70 Streetsweeper i know pic says there not but that is what they are labeled.

Gun shop has one in stock right now

Sorry couldnt get pic to hot link
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Just gonna check it out ........................

OMG - <drool> - haha - that is very nice :smile: Indeed Bud, you are well demonstrating that you have my best interests at heart!!!

Not so sure I have a huge affection for Cobray re quality, fit/finish etc but - sure as heck would LURV to put that baby thru its paces :evil: :biggrin2:

I'll attach a screen grab pic - that site has right click disabled. Oh - darn it - no attachment button showing - hmmm - will try again soon.

Here we go ..............

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i just wanna see his concealment rig for it LOL , he will look like churchill with the gout no dobut :p
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