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hey from WI

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hi i'm a former Marine (medically discharged). unfortunately, in WI we have no CCW, but I carry a CRKT M16 quick-open knife at all times. I do love to shoot though. I own a Marlin Model 60 in .22, a Remington 870 in 20ga, and a Remington 710 in .270. Thanks for letting me be a part of this great forum
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Hi! Good to have you aboard.

Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (past or present) are always welcome here!
Hi and welcome :smilez:

I sure hope the last failure for WI getting CCW was positively the last - it is way beyond time you guys got that. Hoping the voting booths will help remedy things properly.
Welcome from Idaho
Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for giving us the chance to say "Welcome" to a former Marine.
Heck if you love to shoot...then here you are. :yup:
Right in the right spot on the web.
Thanks for registering! :usflag:
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome, Sir! Its a great forum - glad you found it!
Welcome - :smilez:
Welcome to the forum 45ACP4ever from another Wisconsinite. Also,
I want to personally thank you for your service to our country.
Where are you in WI? I was born in Oshkosh, lived in Milwaukee, most recently moved up here from Green Bay.
Welcome to the club. Jump right in there are plenty of good folks here. Sixgun:wave:
Thank you very much for the kind welcoming. It was my great pleasure to serve this country and I hope to do so again someday. I look forward to talking with you all
Welcome. I am an ex-Wisconsonian living in Minnesota. I'm still a little shocked that we have a CCW law, being such a liberal state.

You guys need to keep hammering on your CCW bill, it'll go through eventually.
welcome aboard...
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