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Hi from Colorado

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Hello from the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Although, after this week, we're contemplating moving as the present political climate makes us want to puke (except for the fact that college campuses are open to CWP despite the legislators' best efforts, yay)...My husband and I have our CCW permits, and my eldest son, who is presently 18, is looking forward to turning 21 so he can get his. I currently carry an LCP, but am trying to figure out how I can carry my Remington R1. Looking forward to doing a lot of reading here.
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Welcome to Defensive Carry from Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest!
Welcome form Colorado Springs. I like your username. I used to have a Jeep ('83 CJ7) with JPTHNG as my license plate. Miss that workhorse. :frown:
Welcome from Virginia.
Welcome from Southwest Florida.
Welcome from Bennett..:wave:
Welcome from Orlando....lived in Aurora for years in the Cheek Creek Reservoir area. Sad to see the State has changed
since I was there.
Welcome from Denver as well, Lowry/Windsor area here.
Welcome Aboard and Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
Welcome from Alabama
Welcome from Michigan!
Welcome from Wisconsin!
Welcome from Wisconsin> WI is gun friendly, we have four seasons and good hunting
Welcome to the forum! :wave:

from Central Florida!

ret :31:
My condolences on your state's efforts to steal your 2A rights.

Welcome from GA!
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