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Hi from FL

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm from FL and have been around and shot guns my whole life. I have just recently caught the "bug" and acquired my CCW. I am planning on purchasing my first CC gun next month (M&P340). I found this forum from a link over at THR.

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from Central Florida!

ret :31:
I was born and raised in Orlando. I wish I lived in Central FL. I live in Miami now (not by choice), which is one of the reasons I got my CCW. At least I can CC here, I was living in Kalifornia before.....
Welcome from Arizona.:wave:
Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
:bier: From GA.
Welcome aboard from Virginia.
Welcome ! :wave:
Welcome from the panhandle of Texas
Welcome from Victoria, B.C. :wave:
Welcome from The Volunteer State!
Welcome from central Mississippi.:wave:
Welcome from Michigan!
Welcome from Jacksonville at the other end of the state. :wave:
Greetings and Welcome from Clarksville, TN!!!
Thanks for all the friendly welcomes!
Welcome from Texas! :wave:
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