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Hi from NH

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Just a quick hello....and sure am glad to be aboard...
Been sort of absent from the firearms scene in the past couple of years; part-time work (semi-retired) and some major bills have kept me "out of reach" of one of my more pleasurable pastimes...In short, I've missed "packing heat"!
But's time to pick up where I left off!
Gawd! I forgot how dog-eared my copy of "In the Gravest Extreme" was...maybe time for a new copy.....and pay the old one forward..?!
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Welcome from central Mississippi.:wave:
Welcome aboard from Virginia.
Welcome from Texas! :wave:

from Central Florida!

ret :31:
Welcome from Alabama.
Greetings from Rocky Top Tennessee
Welcome and glad to have you back in the game.
Welcome to the Forum! You'll love it here.
Welcome to DC !!
Welcome from Florida
Welcome to DC from Ga. :bier:

Welcome from Michigan!
Welcome from southern Louisiana!

Welcome from Nebraska....
welcome from michigan
A warm welcome to you from the Garden State- New Jersey!
Glad you're aboard.
Welcome to the forum.
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