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HI from VT

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Hi everyone
Been lurking for awhile but decided I should say hi and introduce myself.
I am relatively new at concealed carry but am very interested in doing it. I just picked up a new CZ rami 9mm yesterday for summer. Pretty nice little gun. Had a few fail to feeds today for the first few mags but then it seemed to due well for next couple hundrend rounds.
I think it should work well for a good CCW.
Been alternating between a G17 and FNH FNP-40 over the winter but they are just too hard to hide when only wearing a t shirt.
I am lucky enough to live in VT where I am FREE:smile:
I grew up in MA and now realize how lucky I am up here. I tried to get a LTC class A there when I turned 21. I was told that I did not have enough reason for it and that I could only get a class B license. :rant:
So, thats me
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Welcome to the forum James.
Welcome to the forum, and thanks for taking the time to register.
Welcome to the forum.:urla9ub:
Welcome to the forum, James.
Welcome James -
Hi James - I envy you the VT status!

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Wecome James. I carry a G17 alot of the time with an oversized shirt but perfer to carry my Taurus PT945 in the summer.
Welcome James! those VT carry laws!
Welcome from Washington State.
Welcom from Georgia, James! Wife has some kinfolk up in VT.
James, 'Hello' from North Texas. Welcome to the forum.
Hey everyone,
thanks for the welcome!
I am limited in my circle of friends on who likes guns. Some do, some are indifferent and, of course, some really don't like them. I think this forum gives us all a place to gather to talk about issues without having to guard our thoughts and to get feedback about our behaviors.
I have yet to formally inform my girlfriend that I carry so I am trying to find the right way to tell her. I generally don't carry when I am with her but I want to. This past winter we were walking back together from downtown (.5 miles from our house) when a car full of guys drove by and one yelled out " hey, I f****d that b****". I yelled back on impulse and anger. They stopped the car, backed up, and yelled some other nicety out the window, then took off.:boese51
Needless to say, I was quite nervous when the car stopped and backed up. There were three or maybe four people in the car. All I had on me was a 3" CRKT knife. I took karate for six years but still, 3-4 people. What if one had a gun? That freaked me out enough that I try and have one of my guns on me as much as possible. I am a grad student so I cant take it with me to the university so that freaks me out a bit as I do tend to walk or take the bus (1 mile from home). My point to this is that my girlfriend is not fond of my guns but understands that I have them. She doesnt really know that I carry. I know I should let her know but...well, you guys know how hard it is to argue about it with your wife or girlfriend...right?
Any suggestions about breaking it to her without a fight?
Cheers: :hand28:
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Hi There, welcome to the forum! Rami is a good choice, smaller than my P-01
welcome from Texas :tumbleweed:
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