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High Noon Tail Gunners finally came today

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WOW! I have a sack of holsters around the house. I'm not totally in love with any of them. Well now I finally got the Tail gunners I had built for my Glock 27 and my Para CCO. I have not tried the Para holster yet but I am breaking in the little Glock holster. I have not worn anything so comfortable as this in a holster. It holds the gun where I want it an it STAYS there. I barely know I have an IWB holster or a gun on except for the feel of the grip against my floating rib. Just like I want it. If the holster for the Para is this good I will have a dilema deciding what gun to wear. High Noon gets my vote for a great holster! :congrats:
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I haven't tried one but I have read a lot of good reports on the Tail Gunner. If you have a camera, let's have some pictures! :wink:
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