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HK45C Mag release on P2000

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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I was able to install a HK45C mag release on my P2000. This makes the magazine ALOT easier to eject from the gun. Here are some pics:
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What was wrong with the mag release that can with the gun? I have a P2000 V2 and a HK45 SA/DA and love the mag release.
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Nothing was wrong with it, but the new one is alot longer so it makes it easier to remove the mag.
Did you have to do any modification, or did the parts simply interchange?
Nope the Part swapped out normally. The spring and roll pin are the same.
An old thread, but I just upgraded to the larger magazine paddle on my 3 P2000's.....I wish I did it sooner! And the part was $6.95. I did order spare roll pins and springs, but the old ones worked just fine being recycled.
I have considered doing this, but while my P2000 is my main carry gun - I do not carry an extra mag. So, the factory mag release is good enough for me at the range
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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