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Hogue Grips- Piranha or Chain Link?

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I've decided to buy new grips for my Sig P229. The E2 grips that it came with weren't doing it for me. I'm definitely going G10 over rubber or aluminum. The only question is the grip texture- piranha or chain link? I had the piranha grips on a 1911 and liked them. I never got to use the chain link grips. Which grips do you guys prefer? (This gun will rarely be carried so the abrasiveness of the texture does not matter)
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Piranha. They are plenty aggressive enough. I loved them on the 229 Extreme I had.

Go to Sigs site and register your 229, and they give you a promo code for 20% off. You can get the Sig branded grips from them directly for the same money or less than from Hogue.
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