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I'm not all that familiar with Hume holster designs but for my money, there's no thinner, more comfortable IWB than the offset loop designs like Gary Brommeland's Max-Con V, HBE's COM 3, Milt Sparks' Watch Six. Kevin of K&D, Matt Del Fatti and I believe Mark Garrity all offer offset attachment designs but I've yet to try them (I will though, guarantee it!), must be something "right" about the design considering all the Top Dogs of the industry offer some version of it!

My absolute favorite holster is Brommeland's Max-Con V, I've got two for my 5" Mil-Spec (a Presentation Grade and a Service Grade) so if one gets wet or damaged I've got an almost identical carry system - they're simply THAT GOOD!

The offset loops add little to no thickness to the weapon and they spread the weight's "footprint" over a larger surface area so it's less like having a brick sticking in your side. I highly recommend calling Gary, Eric, Kevin, etc. to get their firsthand input - they'll be able to work with you personally to make sure you get a rig as close to perfect for you as possible.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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