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I am the exact same build

Hey we're twins!! I am 6'1" 155lbs. I carry a Kimber Pro Carry in a Crossbreed IWB ( ). I live in Maine and my usual attire is Jeans, a loose T-shirt and a flannel or cotton collared shirt. Most of the time my wife can't tell if I am packing or not. So I guess it depends on your style of dress. If your into the emo, form fitting look then there's no hope of anything bigger than a P3AT. If you wear normal clothes then the crossbreed might be the ticket. Checkout it's construction, its a very thin comfortable holster and you can even get it with a tuckable option. You may want to switch to a single stack firearm as well(Sig P239, 1911...) To boot I also have ChipMcCorrmick slimgrips on my piece. That made quite a difference. Hope this helped. If you want to discuss it further with someone of the same size email me. I'd be glad to help out.

I know what you mean about the fanny pack. North Maine and Texas attitudes aren't all that different.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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